Bushwick Song of the Week: Monster by Don Hopwood | inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is one of my favorite books of all time. Getting the opportunity to write and perform a song inspired by this book was a lot of fun. I wrote it from the perspective of my favorite character, the monster. A creature created hideous and grotesque on the outside, yet kind and innocent on the inside. The story of how the wretch truly became a monster is a heartbreaking tale. Only through the torturous events and cruel treatment from the “beautiful” people in the world did the aberration become vile and murderous. Rather than focusing on the crimes that the monster committed, my song’s inspiration comes from the crimes it suffered.

Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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MONSTER by Don Hopwood

inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankentstein

Born to a world I don’t understand.
No one’s willing to lend me a hand.
Am I alone or am I one of a kind?
Victim of a senseless crime.

Sights and sounds I’ve never seen or heard before.
This wretchedness I’ve grown to abhor.
Don’t know what I am or what I’m meant to be, but you made a monster out of me.

Am I not what you expected?
Did I not reflect a pleasing view?
Am I not what you once wanted?
How did I deform the kindness in you?

There was a time when I saw the good in everyone.
I used to smile at all the joy to be seen.
There was a time when I saw the good in everything, but you made a monster out of me.

No mother’s love to nurture me through.
This cursed form that I am reduced to.
No father’s words to help make me see.

You made a monster out of me.

  • Amy Hopwood-Norton

    The concept to read a book then write a song about it is the true meaning of Art. I am thoroughly impressed by my brothers song “monster” it’s also more moving to read the blurb about why he chose what to write about. The song was touching and tragic. My hat is off to you for entertaining a truly new art medium.