The Choose-Your-Own-Fundraising-Adventure is now live!
Read on for the full message from Bushwick Northwest!

Our adventure is available from June 27 onward, but you are able to invite more folks to buy tickets and join in the days ahead. These stand-alone adventures are best experienced with a group. Invite your friends! Support Seattle musicians! Support Integrated Arts in our classrooms!


Join a group for $100 per ticket.

You will receive and email with instructions.

All funds go to supporting our Arts and Education Programming.

Tickets Available below

Who we are: BUSHWICK NORTHWEST is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and STYLE: Songwriting Throug h Youth Literature Education to the Pacific Northwest.

What we do: Our artists create original music inspired by the written word, shared on-stage and through residencies, workshops, and assemblies in schools and libraries.

How to support: Join us for the annual Tunes & Tales Virtual fundraiser and auction on June 27th.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director, Geoff Larson here: [email protected].

Due to COVID-19 shutdowns, we’ve moved our fundraiser online for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure built by the great Wes Weddell.

With $18,000 raised last spring, Bushwick Northwest was able to bring STYLE program scholarships to several Title I schools regionally, hire an inclusive staff of teaching artists to help represent the students we serve, and present new programs focusing on social justice. These funds also helped expand The Bushwick Book Club Seattle’s roster of talented local musicians, and build capacity for increased audience outreach and new partnerships with local scholars and organizations.

This year we aim to raise $20,000 to further expand STYLE programs and continue broadening the teaching artist roster, while developing more Bushwick Book Club collaborations with local artists, scholars, and organizations that represent the vibrantly-creative communities we serve.

With COVID-19 guidelines delivered from scientists and officials, we are working to create programming that can be delivered in a virtual format. We acknowledge that it may be difficult to deliver our programs in its “normal” format, but we believe that—with your support—these programs can still make an impact in our community, schools and libraries. While preparing for an uncertain future, we are still focused on delivering a platform for musicians and authors, and for education programs that deliver diverse Teaching Artists and programs to classrooms.

$1000 can sponsor one in-school STYLE recording day

$500 can underwrite performer stipends for one Bushwick main stage show, or provide a STYLE assembly scholarship to a Title I elementary school – & score you an Editor-level membership in addition!

$250 can sponsor one full classroom day for a STYLE teaching artist, or aid in venue-rental costs for special Bushwick programming

$100 can provide two produced instrumental tracks for STYLE, or commission book-specific artwork for a Bushwick performance

$50 can provide one hour of studio recording time for a Bushwick performer, or underwrite one STYLE classroom webpage

*All contributions are 100% tax-deductible
*Monthly giving options available – check with your employer about gift-matching!
*Are you a member?