10 Quotes From Charles Dickens & A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens was a prolific writer penning novels, short stories, plays and works of non-fiction. Choosing just 10 quotes to feature was difficult because of the sheer number of great things he said and wrote. This month I tried to pick quotes that were nice and elicited a bashful “aww shucks” when I read them. Of course, a few darker selections made their way into the top 10 as well.

Check out these quotes and then come celebrate A Christmas Carol with the Bushwick Book Club on December 18 or 19th. There are two shows featuring different performers so each show will be unique.


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A Christmas Carol Video Short

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is with out a doubt  one of of the greatest Christmas stories ever told. I’m sure you are probably pretty familiar with it by now but that shouldn’t stop you from watching this cool video we put together for our big upcoming holiday event  —  original music inspired by Charles Dickens’  A Christmas Carol.

Take a moment and let the always funny/adorable Emmett Montgomery give you the lo down on everything you need to know about this Charles Dickens’ classic.

And when you are done watching be sure to grab yourselves some tickets for our show this Thursday and Friday at the West of Lenin Theatre in Fremont (2 nights, oh boy!).

Get your tickets here.


A Christmas Carol — Event Poster

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys And Girls! Feast your eyes on the official poster for our upcoming Bushwick event — original music inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  It is all going down on December 18th & 19th at the West of Lenin Theatre in Fremont. Tickets are still available. You can get them here.

The poster was designed by Travis Young. Prints will be available at the event for you to take home for free. If you see Travis at the show be sure to give him a high five. I know I will.

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