Bushwick Asks: What are your Summer Plans?

Now that our season is behind us, we’ve turned our thoughts toward summer and other projects. I’ll be reading a bunch and trying to figure out how to play the banjo. Let’s see what the Bushwick artists will be up to during our off months.

Aaron Shay

From July 20-August 6, Aaron will be serving as musical director and band-leader for a show at Cafe Nordo called “Sundown At The Devil’s House,” written and directed by Eddie DeHais. It’s a piece of experimental dinner theater about devil folklore in American storytelling and American music. He put together a string-band trio for the show, and they will play a mix of original music, traditional tunes, and popular songs as part of the show.

Julia Massey

Julia has a new band Warren Dunes. They will play a show with The Hoot Hoots and The Echolarks on July 1 at the Sunset. The cool thing about Warren Dunes is that they donate all their profits from playing music to groups like the ACLU and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

Evan Peterson

Evan just released a new book, The PrEP Diaries. In it, Evan details his experience taking Truvada, the “miracle” HIV-prevention pill. The daily regimen of taking the pill is called PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is where the book gets its name. It goes deeper than just taking a prescription though and Evan shares stories of sex, intimacy, and dating in the book. He wrote about his first experience taking the drug for The Stranger in 2014.

Mike Votava

Mike is working on his new album and recording it himself. He hopes to release it by August. He has the most entertaining newsletter that graces my inbox and also releases a new song every week.

Joy Mills

Later this summer, Joy will be performing at the West Coast Country Music Festival in Ashland, OR. She’ll also be in the studio to record an acoustic duo EP with Tom Parker in preparation for their fall European tour.


Beth Whitney

Besides having a baby this month, Beth also launched a Kickstarter for her new album, The Wild Unrest. It has already reached it’s goal with 17 days to go. It’s not too late to get the album and help her meet a stretch goal.


Most of our artists are incredibly busy this summer making new music and playing too. Let us know what you’re up to and how you are going to spend the next three months.