Tekla Waterfield Dream Chaser — Music Video

Bushwick artist Tekla Waterfield just released this music video for her song Dream Chaser.  It is the first single off her debut album “This Nightlife Is Wearing On Me” — available now on her Bandcamp page.

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wes weddell performance rules

Four Performance Rules I’m Happy to Bend (and the One I Won’t)

The music business, like the human condition, is complex, ambiguous, and frequently arbitrary – curiously-suited to a risk-averse individual like me.  Yet here I am, fifteen years into what at this point can only be called a career.

In the beginning, I brandished a stringent list of performance absolutes in the hopes that adhering to them would assure success. I’d also read so many musicians’ biographies in high school and college that I had language ready for my own narrative, overlooking the fact that such a straight-to-Behind-the-Music (or American Idol, if you prefer) approach would deprive one of the experiences of creating, interacting, and growing in real time. We all learn things along the way.

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