Bushwick New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Here we are with the first month of the New Year almost complete. I love making New Year’s resolutions and also like hearing what other people aspire to each January 1. I checked in with Bushwick artists and volunteers to see what their 2016 resolutions are, and whether or not they’ve been sticking to them.

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Julia Massey Bookshelf Report

Bookshelf Report: Julia Massey Hearts Books

The Bookshelf Report is an ongoing series where a Bushwick reader shares a little bit about the books that occupy their shelves.

Today’s bookshelf comes from Bushwick artist Julia MasseyJulia has graced the Bushwick stage a number of times. She’s a master songwriter, bursting with vibrant pop-hooks that will kick you where it counts. You will love her album A​.L​.​I​.​T​.​E. (I know I do!).

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Bushwick is Proud to Partner with Seattle Arts and Lectures

Among major players in the local literary-arts scene, Seattle Arts & Lectures has long played a pivotal role.  Since 1988, the popular and respected organization has hosted world-class authors in readings, Q&A sessions, and lectures, branching out over the years into multiple series, education programs, and more. These days SAL stages events for a Literary/Arts Series, Poetry Series, and special SAL Presents evenings, covering considerable ground while continuing to attract an impressive list of literary figures.  And, beginning with the 2015-16 season, many of these events now commence with a Bushwick Book Club Seattle song.

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5 Projects From Bushwick Artists That You Should Know About

One of the great things about The Bushwick Book Club Seattle artists is that they are always making awesome stuff.  Here are a few projects that you should know about.

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Debbie Miller Queen of Hearts

Debbie Miller Performs “Queen of Hearts” — an Original Song Inspired by Alice In Wonderland

Few people can own the Bushwick stage the way Debbie Miller can. Sometimes her songs are funny, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are both. It doesn’t matter, she brings it every time and it is a joy to watch.

Here she is playing a song she wrote inspired by Lewis  Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland — performed live at the Fremont Abbey back in 2012.

As she explains in the video, it turns out that the character she most identified with from the book was The Queen of Hearts. (GASP!) That’s probably why this song is called Queen of  Hearts.


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Five facts about Douglas Adams

5 Facts About Douglas Adams

Bushwick’s big The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy event is but a few short hours away. Before picking up the book to read before the show, I was very unfamiliar with Douglas Adams and his writing. Shame on me! And I consider myself to be a nerd. So to better prepare myself for the show, I read up a bit on him. Here are some things I learned.

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The Official Poster for Our Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Event

Nothing arouses the senses and gets people excited about a show the way a good old fashioned poster does. And here is the official poster for our upcoming event: Original Music Inspired by Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.

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Douglas Adams Quotes

10 Quotes From Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

When rounding up quotes for this month’s Bushwick Book Club Selection, Douglas Adams’ The Hitcherhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I was immediately struck by the many passages which our timely in this election year. With each passing debate and candidate’s statement or press conference, I wonder if Adams had some sort of window into 2016 when he was writing the book. My first five picks all remind me of our currently political climate.

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