Learning With STYLE

Songwriting Through Young Literature Education

Connecting with existing school curriculum, Learning with STYLE (Songwriting Through Young Literature Education) gives students an opportunity to explore the world of recording artists. From beginning to end, students will work to record an original song. Starting from the common ground of classic and contemporary youth literature, students will work together to build a theme and style of song. These young music fans will become engaged as musicians as they work together to create a chorus, sometimes called a hook, that catches the ear and will stay with them for a lifetime. Each student will then have the opportunity to communicate their ideas about the literature through a verse. Then in small groups, students will connect common ideas to create a final recorded song. In addition to having a recording that will last for generations, students will get the chance to perform their new song in a live music venue.

Read On and Sing Out!

Visit the STYLE website for more information – learningwithstyle.com

What is STYLE?

      • STYLE is an in-school program that gives students the chance to work with professional musicians exploring literature they are currently reading.
      • We take books the students are already reading in class and change the way they discuss and analyze the material.
      • Really, it’s an alternative way to bring music to schools.
      • We are not a traditional music program, we make reading cool for the students by connecting the music they love with the ideas they have about the book they are reading in class.
    • In the end, the students come away with not only having written a song, but also with a recording and the chance to perform on stage at a local live music venue.

Visit the STYLE website for more information – learningwithstyle.com