5 Facts About Cheryl Strayed and Wild

Although Bushwick’s Wild inspired event has come and gone, I still find myself thinking about both the book and the movie often. These nagging thoughts caused me to go on an all-out Google blitz to find out more about Wild, its author Cheryl Strayed and the Pacific Coast Trail. Here are five facts I learned during my investigation. Read more

10 Quotes from Cheryl Strayed and Wild

A central theme of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild is grief and the human response to it. Due to a recent unexpected death in my family, the quotes I’ve chosen lean to the darker parts of the book. That’s what makes the book powerful and explains some of Cheryl’s more reckless behavior. Cheryl also has an advice column called Dear Sugar where she tackles a variety of readers’ questions including those about recovering from grief. I’ve pulled some quotes from there as well. Sprinkled in amongst the grief themed quotes are some about love, faith, forgiveness and survival. Read more