Tekla Waterfield Is Making a New Album

By now you’ve probably seen Bushwick artist Tekla Waterfield sing her heart out at any number of Bushwick events. She’s been contributing beautifully crafted book inspired songs for a few years now and is without a doubt  a musical force to be reckoned with.

Much like all our Bushwick artists, Bushwick is not her only current music related endeavor. Tekla has her own band, Tekla Waterfield and The Sweet Nothings, and they are all set to record their debut album due out sometime early next year.

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5 Authors That Are Great Audiobook Performers

“Read for you by the author” is a six-word sentence that I dread hearing at the beginning of an audiobook. More times than not I listen to author-read books and am annoyed by their reading style. While they may be good writers, they are not professionally trained voice-actors and it shows. Unfortunately, their lack of skill is often a detriment to the audiobook and sometimes leads me to become disinterested and stop listening. In these cases, reading the book rather than listening to the audio would be beneficial.

There are exceptions to every rule though and some authors are great at reading their own work. Their vocal skills enhance their books so much that I vastly prefer picking up the audio rather than the print version. I was reminded of this when I heard that David Sedaris is coming to town to perform his work at Benaroya Hall. Sedaris is my favorite audiobook performer and I never read his work anymore in favor of the audio.


Me Talk Pretty One Day is a hilarious read, but after listening to the audio, I’ve never looked back. I revisit about once a year. Hearing Sedaris read his story of French lessons makes me cry laugh-tears. When I read it to myself, I only LOL. His dry sense of humor is captured perfectly in his audiobooks and he is good at accents and does an impeccable Billie Holiday impression. Sedaris audiobooks are not to be missed.

Here are five other authors whose audiobooks are superior to reading the print book because of their voice-acting prowess.

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Poster for Our Jack Straw Event

For the next Bushwick show on Sunday November 16th we are teaming up with the Jack Straw Cultural Center to bring you original music inspired by the 2014 Jack Straw Writers Anthology. Below is the wonderful event poster, design by Travis Young


design by Travis Young


9½ Things I Learned as an Artist-In-Residence at Willapa Bay

As I wrote back in August, I spent the entirety of that month as an artist-in-residence with Willapa Bay AiR in Oysterville, WA, on the Long Beach Peninsula. It was truly a special time, with extraordinarily special people, and I learned many things about, well, many things: art; process; community; shellfish… Here, then, are some of my findings, presented in internet-ready, Buzzfeed-y ‘arbitrary-number-of-things-in-list-form’ fashion (missing only the ‘#7 is Totally Crazy!’ teaser)—enjoy:

1. A Healthy, Encouraging Environment Matters

For one month I got to live in a world where what I do was as important and recognized as any career pursuit—to my artist-peers and the staff, certainly, but in the community as well.  With lovely grounds, comfortable quarters, on-site chef, and nearby ocean, everything was relaxed and easy, which in turn led to sustained productivity! Two of the five songs I finished, including one very much co-inspired by setting, even made their way into Read & Destroy’s October library sets.

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Nightmare Blues — A Spooky New Music Video From Aaron Shay

I think that you should know that Bushwick artist Aaron Shay released a spooky new music video for his song Nightmare Blues just in time for Halloween!

..err… uhh… What do you mean Halloween was last week?

Well, that’s OK. You should still be able to enjoy his video post-Halloween style.  And in all honesty, the video was officially released on October 21st, I’m just a little late to the party.

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