Nightmare Blues — A Spooky New Music Video From Aaron Shay

I think that you should know that Bushwick artist Aaron Shay released a spooky new music video for his song Nightmare Blues just in time for Halloween!

..err… uhh… What do you mean Halloween was last week?

Well, that’s OK. You should still be able to enjoy his video post-Halloween style.  And in all honesty, the video was officially released on October 21st, I’m just a little late to the party.

The video was directed by Ben M. F. Rapson of Breathing Media and features Seattle’s only punk rock folk street band The Mongrel Jews.

The concept: A folk band awakens from slumber to find themselves performing for a surreal group of concertgoers. Where is this place? What do these strange, dreamlike people want? Is there any hope of escape for our intrepid heroes?

Here we go now!

Now that you’re done getting your Nightmare Blues on, be sure to hop on over to Aaron Shay’s Bandacamp page where you can download this song and many other great tunes.