This Giving Tuesday, Support Your Local Arts Programs

Giving Tuesday is here, and who better to support than your favorite musical and literature-based arts organization?

Every dollar you give today helps us further Bushwick Northwest programming through The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education.

Ticket sales and school and library programs are only a small part of our net support. Donations from people like you are what allow us to reach students and audiences with music inspired by literature, and keep the music and words flowing. You’ll be supporting projects like these:

  • STYLE grant & scholarship programs for low income schools
  • Identifying schools that are in need
  • Production of live Bushwick Book Club Seattle events
  • Commissioning new works
  • Free recording time for Bushwick Artists

Bushwick Northwest can really use your support!

Tax deductible donations can be safely accepted through our fiscal sponsor, Shunpike. Donate Here<<<<.

Or become a Bushwick Member!

If you would like to become a member of The Bushwick Book Club Seattle, where you can take advantage of benefits built specifically for our book-loving, music-loving audience, please visit our Membership Page.

Discounts to all our events will only be the start this year. We will soon be rolling out new benefits and treats for our members.


Thank you for supporting your local arts scene!