Bushwick Asks: What do you miss about the 1980s?

Ready Player One is filled with 1980s pop culture references. The book is almost a love letter to 1980s video game culture and it’s hard to read without hitting up YouTube to listen to the songs author Ernest Cline mentions in the text and maybe to watch clips of people playing the video games he references. All the 80s nostalgia got me thinking about what I miss the most from the decade I grew up in like New Edition and playing Below the Root on my family’s Commodore 64. Since I was reminiscing, I asked the artists performing at our Bumbershoot Ready Player One show, what do you miss most about the 1980s? What are you nostalgic for?

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This Giving Tuesday, Support Your Local Arts Programs

Giving Tuesday is here, and who better to support than your favorite musical and literature-based arts organization?

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4 Molly Wizenberg Projects (Other Than Her Books) Everyone Should Know

a-homemade-life-bushwick-eventWhile prepping for the Bushwick show inspired by Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life, I became very interested in Wizenberg’s other endeavors. She’s a local Seattle author who put down roots in Ballard. Naturally, I hit the Internet to find out more about her contributions to our community. I’ve collected them for you here.

1. Orangette

This is Wizenberg’s blog that started it all. She launched it in 2004 and from there it grew into the book we’re featuring at the April 26th show. On her site, much like the book, you will find recipes and stories from her life.

Check It Out: orangette.blogspot.com

2. Delancey

The Ballard restaurant she opened with her husband offers a variety of New Jersey style wood-fired pizza. They now also own Essex the bar next door.  Her next book which is named after the restaurant and details its opening and how it affected her life and her marriage.

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The Space is the Place: the Changing Seattle Scene

544226_506230329435926_110670946_nThere are a few elements necessary to making a good music scene, and one of them is this: it needs the right kind of space.

The Comet Tavern, a Seattle underground venue that’s been around for over 40 years, just closed its doors within the past month. It’s a place that’s acted as a toehold for touring performers visiting Seattle for the first time as well as new local acts cutting their teeth on the scene. At first, the closure seemed temporary, but since it came out that the owner had removed the sound system without telling employees or the venue’s music booker, it seems to be a much more long-term change for the beloved dive. Whether it opens again remains to be seen. Read more

The Crocodile: What They Are Reading Right Meow

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz show is Friday, but until then we thought we’d check in with the cast of characters at The Crocodile. From the history of hip hop to the book that sold six times as many ebooks than print (can you guess which one and why?), take a look at what the Crocodile staff is reading!


Brian, bartender

Nicole, server

Around the Corner: Magus Books

Nothing catches my attention like a sidewalk cart full of books priced cheap. Without exception, I’ll convince myself to buy something I will probably never even read simply because it costs $1. And it’s a book!


Magus Books, courtesy of Michael P. on Yelp

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Books, Booze, and Friends: An Evening of Your Favorite Things

We can all agree that spending a few hours in the company of good friends, having a couple drinks while chatting about a book you’ve been reading is time well spent. Now throw in the opportunity to meet some new like-minded people all interested in sharing their own bookish adventures (and a few drinks of course!) – you may have yourself a flawless evening. A gathering such as this is what we call in the book business a “literary mixer” and there just so happens to be one coming up next week that I highly recommend you attend. Read more