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Bushwick Picks: Summer Reading

The solstice has signaled the official beginning of summer, and as we all head off to our various iterations of vacation in the coming weeks, it’s time to refresh the book shelves and playlists. Today the Bushwick Blog writers are sharing some picks.

Bushwick Picks: SIFF Edition

The Seattle International Film Festival is currently ripping through theaters all over the city and continues for one more week with a bevy of intelligent, provocative films. Below you’ll find a list of our upcoming picks, full of films that show love for books and music.

5 Reasons to Give BIG to Bushwick Seattle

Listen up, Bushwick, because tomorrow is a big day. A BIG day, as in the Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG 2014, a one-day online giving frenzy where donations received by participating organizations qualify towards a pro-rated matching fund. If you’ve been looking for ways to help out your favorite nonprofit, now is the time.

Bushwick Picks: Molly Wizenberg Edition

Tonight is the night! The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents:A Homemade Life is only moments away, but before the show begins we thought we would check in with the author, Molly Wizenberg. (We’re so excited to have her at the show tonight!) She shared with us the books and music she currently has on her list. “I am […]

Bushwick Picks: What We’re Reading Now

As readers, we cheat on books; the monogamous reader is a rare thing. Most of us have a stack on our nightstand or a queue in our e-reader, and we bounce back and forth. Some books are longer reads, taking months or even years. Other books are one night stands, captivating in the dim hours […]

How to Beat the Guilt of Book Club? Surrender!

Whenever I’m asked to join a book club, I can’t say no. It’s not a politeness handicap, it’s a preference. I love book clubs. Want to come and talk about books? Yes, please! I’ve always identified as a reader, ever since my tiny clumsy fingers opened The Berenstain Bears. And now I’m a member of […]

The Crocodile: What They Are Reading Right Meow

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz show is Friday, but until then we thought we’d check in with the cast of characters at The Crocodile. From the history of hip hop to the book that sold six times as many ebooks than print (can you guess which one and why?), take a look at what the […]