4 Molly Wizenberg Projects (Other Than Her Books) Everyone Should Know

a-homemade-life-bushwick-eventWhile prepping for the Bushwick show inspired by Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life, I became very interested in Wizenberg’s other endeavors. She’s a local Seattle author who put down roots in Ballard. Naturally, I hit the Internet to find out more about her contributions to our community. I’ve collected them for you here.

1. Orangette

This is Wizenberg’s blog that started it all. She launched it in 2004 and from there it grew into the book we’re featuring at the April 26th show. On her site, much like the book, you will find recipes and stories from her life.

Check It Out: orangette.blogspot.com

2. Delancey

The Ballard restaurant she opened with her husband offers a variety of New Jersey style wood-fired pizza. They now also own Essex the bar next door.  Her next book which is named after the restaurant and details its opening and how it affected her life and her marriage.

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The Trick to Finding a Good Book

This morning I was looking for a new book to read and it occurred to me that I haven’t set foot in a bookstore recently. Every book I’ve read this year has come through a series of clicks on my iPad, and I’m usually led to that book from an online recommendation. With the incredible boom of online shopping, online recommendations are everywhere. It’s never been easier to get an opinion on a product. But just like that friend who recommended seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets in the theater, not all opinions are good. Finding an online tastemaker is important.

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