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This Week in Books & Music: Bumbershoot and More!

It’s a busy week with an assortment of events that will satisfy all interests, no matter what they might be! (Well, maybe not if your interests involve ASMR videos on YouTube, but you can do that at home!) You’ve probably heard that Bumbershoot is this weekend, but you might not know that some of our very […]

Around the Corner: Magus Books

Nothing catches my attention like a sidewalk cart full of books priced cheap. Without exception, I’ll convince myself to buy something I will probably never even read simply because it costs $1. And it’s a book! Today I had 12 minutes left on my meter and there were multiple carts full of books so the […]

This Week(End) in Books and Music

We know the Capitol Hill Block Party is this weekend, but be sure to catch some of these upcoming shows from our Bushwick artists and other Seattle picks. Friday, July 26 The Hitchcock 9 film series opens at SIFF Cinema Uptown. The nine surviving silent films by Alfred Hitchcock, accompanied by live performances of original scores […]

Bookshelf Report: Library Guy with a Joint Collection

The Bookshelf Report is an ongoing series where we ask 5 questions and share 5 pictures of a bookshelf  belonging to a Bushwick reader. Today’s bookshelf comes from Levi Fuller, a veritable veteran of the Bushwick Book Club Seattle. Over the years he’s performed songs inspired by The Shining, 1984, Dr. Seuss, Alice in Wonderland, Lust by Ellen […]

Bookshelf Report: Who Needs Clothes?

The Bookshelf Report is an ongoing series where we ask the same 5 questions of Bushwick readers who share 5 pictures of their bookshelf with us. Today’s “bookshelf” comes from Noah Skocilich, a Bushwick fan currently living in China. Noah showed us his traveling books on a recent visit to Seattle. 1. What is your […]

The Weight of Whispers: Frankly, I Prefer Electronic

The headline on Salon caught my eye: I hate books. “Sometimes I kind of hate books, too,” I admitted to myself, quietly, inside my head. Salon‘s Anna North is talking about the physical reality of books; the heavy, dusty, space-eaters that you’re committed to carting around with you every time you move. Here at the Bushwick […]

This Week in Books and Music: Independence Edition

Check out what Bushwick Seattle musicians are up to, and eat your vegetables! Friday, June 28 Vince Mtz. & The Great Blue Yonder and Wes Weddell at the Copper Gate (FYI: enjoy one last weekend at this Ballard bar–they close for good on June 30), 8pm Novelist Matt Bell (of the exhaustively titled In the House Upon the […]

Bookshelf Report: Dave Eggers and a Tiny Gun

Today marks the start of an ongoing series that documents reader bookshelves. We will ask the same 5 questions of  each reader who shares their shelf with us. 5 photos, 5 questions. My own bookshelf will start the series. What is your favorite book on this shelf? You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers. It’s […]

Writer’s Block and the Cat’s Hat

When Dr. Seuss faced writer’s block,  he went into a closet full of hats. Dr. Seuss, née Theodor Geisel often worked with his editor, Michael Frith, and according to Lisa Hix, over at Collector’s Weekly: “…when they’d get stuck… Geisel would open a secret door to a closet filled with hundreds of hats. Then, he and […]