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This Week in Books and Music

June 6 Blvd Park (with Bushwick artist Tekla Waterfield) at the Triple Door, 7:30pm Historian and author Kate Brown reads at Town Hall, 7:30pm Novelist Ru Freeman reads at Elliot Bay Books, 7pm June 7 Poet Mary Szybist reads at Open Books, 7:30pm Tai Shan’s 9th Student Showcase at Dusty Strings, 6:30pm June 9 Tiny […]

I Never Learned to Fish, and the Power of a Book

Over at Powell’s blog recently, Josh Hanagarne wrote about books that have the power to change lives. He mused over all the people he had encountered who claimed that a book had changed their life, but when questioned gave such a dissatisfying answer: “How?” I said. Meaning, how did it change your life? “Because it […]

Fictional Musicians In Real Books

Here at the Bushwick Bookclub Seattle we love books and we love music, but our favorite is the intersection of books and music. (And smiling. Smiling’s our favorite too.) Musicians frequently reference literature in their songs. Dylan quotes from The Great Gatsby on his album Love and Theft. The Beastie Boys claim they’ve “got more […]