Song of the Week: Fade to White by MoZo | inspired by Dan Savage’s The Commitment

This week’s Bushwick song of the week is…. (drum roll)

Fade to White” by Mozoinspired by Dan Savage’s The Commitment

This song is inspired by Dan Savage’s The Commitment, and was performed and written for our benefit for Music for Marriage Equality. For this night, there were so many ideas floating around about marriage and love.

The first notes of this tune put me in such a wonderful place. I automatically feel like I’m sitting on a beach with my lovely lady, playing baseball, riding down a country road on my cycle or anywhere I might be the most content. It’s the simple electric guitar sound and chords that really that carry me away and when Moe’s voice first comes in,  the overall feeling of the song just gets driven home for me. I love the range and honesty of where she places her voice in the mix.

She says it best with the first lyric, “Baby we are the lucky ones.” I always feel lucky to hear this wonderful song, and be placed in that moment.

mozo_thecommitment_bushwick_dan_savageWhen Aimee hits the cross-sticking on the drums, it really pushes the groove forward, giving this sense of urgency to find that amazing place. A little later when MoZo harmonizes, “we’ll be sailing away while the screen fades to white,” you know that this is a beautiful love affair between two people. The guitar, snare and vocals drive the tune, while letting everything else fall into supporting roles. Except on the bridge, of course, that’s where we feel some of the hard times of love. As soon as the bridge is complete, they hit the intro again, taking us back to that beautiful place.

The lyrics have an honesty about them, showing the good and bad of being in love. Sometimes you have hard times, sometimes you have good times, sometimes things are scary, and sometimes you just float around. Does this have anything to do with being married? It might for some and it might not. It is certainly about love.

The main point and line from the song came from Dan Savage and his husband not wanting to say, “Till death do us part.” They wanted to go out of this world together. And that is how this song ends…

 “We’ll be sailing away while the screen fades to white”

Aimee’s a big movie nerd too so, no doubt, that’s why we’re fading away like a movie might.

I also love the tag on the end of the song. It creates a picture of two people in a sailboat heading off into the sunset and that’s not a bad way to go.

You can see from the video above of MoZo playing the song live that the song changed from its original performance to when they recorded it for their record. But that is OK. Changing is what songs do.

Take a listen to the song. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.