Song of the Week: The Lord, The Devil and The Boy by Vince Martinez

Here we are with yet another Song of the Week! In these posts, I talk about some of my favorite tunes inspired by books. We can all agree that music inspired by books is awesome and I’m going to tell you why I think just that.

And this week’s song of the week is…

The Lord, The Devil and The Boy by Vince Martinez
inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Lord, The Devil and The Boy| Download

The first thing I want to say about this tune is that I just love Vince Martinez’s songwriting. He pretty much nails it every time he takes on a book. The quality of his singing makes his voice a wonderfully unique instrument. I always wonder how singers find their voice; whether it is a specific choice, or whether it’s just what comes out when they sing. (I think I’ll ask Vince about this one.)

vinceBlurThe guitar playing is wonderfully executed. That’s not saying it’s what should be focused on, but what’s cool about it to me is that you just kind of forget about it. The voice really comes off as the most important piece with the guitar as the perfect support instrument. It is simple and repetitive. I also love the sound of Vince’s guitar! It’s one of those instruments that just clicks with my “sound holes.”

All Right,  now for some thoughts on Vince’s words. The title is awesome! It is a cool play on the actual title of the book. I love that sort of stuff. For this song, Vince decided to give us a synopsis of the book. He told me that he was thinking about how he might tell the story to his own children, if he wasn’t reading the book to them (that even melts my heart). We make our way all the way into Narnia, and back through the wardrobe. All with Vince’s take on the telling of the story.

Some of my favorite lyrics:

Once upon a time, the men were on the battle line.
The children were sent away to play, and guess what they did find
There he met a woman, who tempted him with delight
He walked the sands with the devil

The repetitive nature of the singing really draws me into the telling of the story. There is nothing fancy here, but sometimes that makes for the greatest performances. I hope you guys enjoy the tune as much as I do.

Be sure to check out Vince Martinez’s website to find out more what he is got going on.