Song of the Week: We Found Our Place by Levi Fuller

Don’t look now, but here comes another “Song of the Week”.

And this week’s song is…

“We Found our Place” by Levi Fuller inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining

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What a book to give inspiration! Stephen King is a “wordy” son of a gun, and he just gives the reader so much to grab. I think that Levi Fuller really found himself a place to launch into a wonderfully written tune.

First, his guitar line to start the tune really puts the listener in a pleasant place. It has that scrappy guitar sound that makes you think of playing by a fire pit, or at a sing-along with your friends. I often, but not always, prefer that sound to the super clean tone. The chords have that Major 3rd that puts that smile on your face. It also feels like the strumming pattern and grace notes are always tumbling away from us, so we just need to follow it wherever it may takes us. The descending line helps with that.

One of my favorite parts about this tune is the point of view Levi came from on this book with so much darkness in it. Instead of talking about the evil force in the hotel, he decided to focus on the great moments the Torrances had as a family while up at the Overlook. Jack Torrance had a tough run at life and was trying to escape an awful and alcoholic past so they head to Colorado as a family and start over.

IMG_1689With Levi’s first line, talking about the trip into town as a family, I’m immediately transported into my Dad’s old blue Chevy as we head up for a camping trip in the Coeur D’Alene National Forest (we would have been listening to Willie Nelson. CCR is cool too). This is teamed with many wonderful memories from my childhood. We still drive that truck to this day.

I also love that he looks at the song from the view of Danny Torrance, the kid in the family, who has “the shine”. There is an innocence in Danny, even though he knows about the living spirit inside that hotel. He still desperately wants the family to focus on the “good stuff”, and being happy as a family even though he may lose that battle.

I love all the extra guitar noises throughout. It gives the tune some great character. Take another listen… it sounds like there some percussion hitting different points.

Another strong point of the tune is directly after the bridge, where he talks about how happy Danny is to have turned their lives for the better.

“But things are better now, Our life is turned around
Our days are filled with Love, Thank the heavens up above”

Levi states his intro guitar line again, setting the listener up for more wonderful musical family portraits. We expect it at this point. The song ends with those childhood memories, and hope for happiness.

We’re rooting for you Danny!

For a limited time you can download this song for FREE!