Sue’s Little Free Library Update

I asked my awesome Mom, Sue Garvin, to write a little update on how things are going with her Little Free Library since she last wrote. You can read the initial post about it here.

During the crisp fall weather, the park was busy with kids.  For Halloween this year, I made 80 tootsie roll pop ghosts with a little free library ad attached.  It was a good way to get the word around in the neighborhood.  Then, I loaded the library with lots of kids books.  One day, after the Girl Scouts delivered their fundraiser candy, they stopped at the library and picked out some selections.

Prints and Bebe show off the Little Library in early December.

Prints and Bebe show off the Little Library in early December.

Once winter was upon us, visits to the library slowed a bit.  What with the snow/rain combination we have been getting, only the dog walkers and a few older kids have been taking advantage of the park.  But that has not stopped the chief librarian (me) from decorating the library for the holidays and putting in some new selections.  I decorated the library for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It’s fun to change things up.  Any book that has been sitting too long gets donated to the public library.  I refresh the content often. Of course, I have to keep the dog treat container filled, too.  Some of the pups will sit down in front of the library and not leave until their person gives them a treat!

I haven’t had trouble keeping it stocked, because I load it with books that my husband and I have read. A few neighbors have been giving me books for the Library and visitors have left a few in the Library itself. In true library fashion, one book has even come back to the library after a visitor borrowed it. Sometimes I pick up best sellers from the public library’s sale room. Also, one of my daughter’s friends gave me an entire box of children’s books that she purchased from Books by the Foot. Buying from that site is a great way to get lots of books for a very reasonable price, if you don’t mind not knowing what books you’re going to receive.

Now that Spring is near, I have plans to decorate for Easter and flyer the neighborhood again to remind everyone that the Little Library is ready and always available to them. The Library is now listed on the Little Free Library map, making it the third in the Tri-Cities. I hope being listed there will get us some more traffic from people who already know about Little Libraries. I’m also looking forward to warmer Spring and Summer weather that will attract more people to the park and my Little Library.

Happy Reading!