Bushwick Artist Showcase Poster – August 3rd at the Sunset

Here it is folks… the poster for our upcoming Bushwick Artist Showcase, August 3rd at the Sunset featuring Bucket of Honey, Debbie Miller w/ Mozo, and Sean Morse. This design was brought to you by none other than the mighty Travis Young. (clap clap clap etc.)

I hope to see you all at the show. High five.



Song of the Week: Don’t Put Yourself Down by Sean Morse | inspired by L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Imagine you just got hit in the head with something that might have been part of your house. Imagine you’re a young woman in blue and white checked gingham. Imagine your friends have extremely limited powers of self-reflection. You just want to help, so you tell them everything you love and respect about them, the things they themselves can’t seem to see. Then they sing along in glorious harmony and agreement at how awesome they are. This is the story of Dorothy’s friends, and how they learned to love themselves.

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