The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Blog Writer’s Guidelines

Writers, pitch us an idea! Or better yet, send us a sample article. We are looking for writing that is original, smart and, most of all, engaging. If we find that your content fits our style, we’d like to keep you around as a staff writer. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot pay at this time. So for now, any contributions to the Bushwick blog are considered strictly as a voluntary effort.

We’re looking for articles no longer than 1000 words. Topics should be relevant to what we do at The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and should have a connection to any of the following:

    • Music
    • Books
    • Songwriting
    • Creative process
    • Behind-the-scenes
    • Seattle music, arts or culture
    • Seattle venues
    • Seattle bookstores

That being said, we still welcome interesting topics we haven’t thought of yet. We especially like to see a new and creative approach to a tired subject. Because we are looking for quality content, we cannot guarantee that your submission will be published. But as Sylvia Plath said, “I love my rejection slips. They show me I try.”

Additionally, we are currently seeking new voices to contribute to the following ongoing series:

    • Around the Corner – A series that highlights overlooked spots in or around Seattle. Writers share their personal experiences with these special finds.
    • The Forgotten – A series that remembers now-closed treasures from Seattle’s book and music scene. Writers share their personal experiences and/or inspiration from the past. Nostalgic in nature, but we also want to see a particularly interesting take or memory associated with the spot.
    • The Bookshelf Report – Do you have access to someone with a fantastic bookshelf? (Or is that person you?) We want to see it and get the owner to answer 5 questions about it.
    • This Week in Books and Music – Put together a list of upcoming shows for the week from artists and performers in Seattle. (We try to spotlight Bushwick artists and contributors for this series, but we are always happy to hear what local musicians/artists are up to!)

Are you still interested? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Please drop us a line, let us know you are out there!

You can contact us here.