5 Facts About Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is a lot of things. She’s a mom, rockstar, author, and artist among many other roles and careers. It’s not hard to find out interesting facts about her because her career is so long and varied. I collected some for you here.

She has a new band and a new video.

Sonic Youth split up in 2011 just after the collapse of Gordon’s marriage to Thurston Moore. She has participated in a few music projects since then. Gordon’s new band with Alex Knost, Glitterbust released a new album back on March 4. The group is a noise guitar duo and they put out a video for their first single, Highline.

She is an accomplished artist.

Going to school for art, Gordon graduated with a BFA from Otis College of Art & Design. In an interview with W magazine, she said, “I have the weird art career that I always wanted.” She has exhibited all over the world and paints on canvas and also sometimes uses resin and glitter in her work. A selection of her work is available for viewing at the 303 Gallery.

After years in New York she’s gone back to her roots on the West Coast.

After her divorce to escape painful memories, Gordon sold her house in Massachusetts and moved back to California, the state of her birth. She wrote a diary for The Washington Post about her road trip west across the country and included many iphone photos from tourist traps.

She guest starred on an episode of Portlandia.

Appearing in the season 4 episode, Pull Out King, Gordon was in a number of sketches. You can see her at 0:40 in this skit starring Jello Biafra. This isn’t her only TV appearance though. She has also guested on episodes of Girls, Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl.

She’s a music video director.

Along with Spike Jonze, Gordon directed the Breeder’s Cannonball music video. Of the shoot drummer Jim Macpherson said, “That was the first time I saw Kim Gordon in person and fell madly, passionately in love with her.”

How many other interesting facts do you know about Gordon and her work? Let us know in the comments.