Upcoming SAL Bushwick Partnership Events

As many of you know, Bushwick has been partnering with SAL (Seattle Arts & Lectures) all season long. It is so wonderful to be collaborating with this like-minded organization.  I’ve done the math many times and I always come to the same conclusion.

SAL + Bushwick = the perfect pairing

This is how these partnership events usually play out. SAL brings in a well-known guest author to give a speech and/or presentation, usually based on their recently released book. Before the author takes the stage, a featured Bushwick artist takes it first, performing an original song inspired by the author’s work.


This partnership creates a greatly unique experience for everyone involved — SAL, the audience, the Bushwick artist, and even the guest author. I was there the night Emily St. John Mandel, best-selling author of Station Eleven, came to town. Wes Weddell opened the show playing to the sold out Town Hall Seattle crowd. In typical Weddell fashion, his Station Eleven inspired tune brought the house down!  Emily St. John Mandel loved it. So much so that she mentioned the song on three separate occasions during her Q&A portion of the show. It was great. This sort of thing isn’t happening anywhere else.

We do have a few more of these SAL events on the horizon. I highly recommend that you attend as many as you can. Here is what is up next.

SAL presents: Jacqueline Woodson
Featured Bushwick artist: Alice Howe
At Town Hall Seattle | 7:30pm
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SAL presents: Teju Cole
Featured Bushwick artist: Matt Price
At Town Hall Seattle | 7:30pm
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SAL presents: Florian Schulz
Featured Bushwick artist: Vince Martinez
At Benaroya Hall | 7:30pm
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SAL presents: Claudia Rankine
Featured Bushwick artist: Cristina Orbé
At McCaw Hall | 7:30pm
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SAL presents: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Featured Bushwick artist: Sean Morse
At Town Hall Seattle | 7:30pm
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SAL presents: Annie Proulx
Featured Bushwick artist: Julia Massey
Temple de Hirsch | 7:30pm
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