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Bookshelf Report: Tom Mohrman of Wonder And Risk Has Nice Shelves (if you know what I mean)

tomMohrmanThe Bookshelf Report is an ongoing series where a Bushwick reader invites us into their home and shares a little bit about the books that occupy their shelves.

Today’s bookshelf comes from none other than Tom Mohrman. Tom is an avid supporter of the Seattle arts community and an all around nice guy. He is the creator of Wonder and Risk – an awesome website dedicated to highlighting the creative minds that help make Seattle such an amazing place to live.


bookshelf report tom mohrman bushwick 1

How do you organize your books?

I’ve tried by color. It’s cute, and nigh impossible to find anything. I kind of favor by category now, grouping authors/subjects. What you see is my paired-down collection. I’ve recently donated a bunch of stuff.


Be honest. What percentage of the books on this shelf have you actually read?

50%. I like my bookshelf to contain choices for rainy days. Sure, there is a degree of literary peacocking going on, but most of the highbrow stuff is from college. I’m a fan of SPL. My book ownership is largely things I’ve collected randomly over the years, or things I dearly love. I can’t say I’ve reread The Decameron, or Sophocles of late. I’ve read Dune three times though.

bookshelf report tom mohrman bushwick 8

What’s your favorite book on the shelf?

The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation’s Millennium General Assembly. It’s the collected poems of Denis Johnson. Those poems are like boot camp for your soul. They break you down and rebuild you how they see fit, to serve some purpose of their design.

bookshelf report tom mohrman bushwick 3

What book do you plan on reading next?

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill. I love Locke and Key, Joe Hill’s comic. This is his first novel, and it’s supposed to be amazing.



Thanks for sharing, Tom! You are all right in our book.

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