Song of the Week: Let Me Go by Vince Mtz. | inspired by H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

After reading H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine I was inspired by two main concepts:

First was his scientific explanation for why time travel should be possible with the help of a machine. The story teller / adventurer in the book explains that we can only move freely in two dimensions of space time, left, right, forward and backward along the horizontal plane, and that gravity holds us to limited movement in the vertical plane. However, with the help of a machine – in this case a balloon – humans can transcend the third dimension and move more freely in the vertical plane. Therefore, it stands to reason that with the help of a machine humans should be able to transcend the fourth dimension, time, beyond our currently limiting singular trajectory and pace. Coming with an engineering background I thought that was pretty awesome reasoning.

Second, I was inspired by the character’s longing to explore a time and place outside of his own present. I think that we all go through the “grass is always greener” thought process every now and then, and always considered our circumstances to be out of our control. The title and chorus of the song, Let Me Go, is a plea to be released from those burdens of your present and be free to explore an alternative path.