Tekla Waterfield Dream Chaser — Music Video

Bushwick artist Tekla Waterfield just released this music video for her song Dream Chaser.  It is the first single off her debut album “This Nightlife Is Wearing On Me” — available now on her Bandcamp page.

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Tekla Waterfield Is Making a New Album

By now you’ve probably seen Bushwick artist Tekla Waterfield sing her heart out at any number of Bushwick events. She’s been contributing beautifully crafted book inspired songs for a few years now and is without a doubt  a musical force to be reckoned with.

Much like all our Bushwick artists, Bushwick is not her only current music related endeavor. Tekla has her own band, Tekla Waterfield and The Sweet Nothings, and they are all set to record their debut album due out sometime early next year.

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Bushwick Picks: What We’re Reading Now

As readers, we cheat on books; the monogamous reader is a rare thing. Most of us have a stack on our nightstand or a queue in our e-reader, and we bounce back and forth. Some books are longer reads, taking months or even years. Other books are one night stands, captivating in the dim hours of night and leading to bitter regret as we wake to a cold, unforgiving alarm clock (and work day) in the morning. So the question is, what are you reading now?

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This Week in Books & Music: Bumbershoot and More!

It’s a busy week with an assortment of events that will satisfy all interests, no matter what they might be! (Well, maybe not if your interests involve ASMR videos on YouTube, but you can do that at home!) You’ve probably heard that Bumbershoot is this weekend, but you might not know that some of our very own Bushwick performers are part of the lineup.  Read more


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