The Poster For Our Next Event: Original Music Inspired By To Kill A Mockingbird

The next Bushwick event is coming up on March 5th at the Royal Room original music inspired by Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Check out the poster below, designed by myself.

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The Trick to Finding a Good Book

This morning I was looking for a new book to read and it occurred to me that I haven’t set foot in a bookstore recently. Every book I’ve read this year has come through a series of clicks on my iPad, and I’m usually led to that book from an online recommendation. With the incredible boom of online shopping, online recommendations are everywhere. It’s never been easier to get an opinion on a product. But just like that friend who recommended seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets in the theater, not all opinions are good. Finding an online tastemaker is important.

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Song of the Week: Renegade Road by Bucket of Honey | Inspired By Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

I’ve picked a hard one to talk about here… but I love putting this song in my ears so that is OK. I  will do my best.

“Renegade Road” by Bucket of Honey | inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Inspired by a man who is on his last legs, this tune is so beautifully written. Bucket of Honey put so much emotion into it.

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Site Update: There’s a New Design Afoot

As you may have noticed, this website looks a lot different than it used to. That’s because the old design just didn’t cut it for us anymore. We needed a change and we decided to charge forward with a new, more pleasant design that will be chalked full of  all the Bushwicky goodness you’ve come to know and love. Sadly, this new design isn’t exactly what I like to call “finished” yet. Rest assured, I am working on it. Hopefully this site will be fully functional soon but until then, feel free to enjoy it in its current unfinished state. I appreciate your patience.

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Artwork Inspired by Mary Roach’s Bonk

Here are a few variations on the poster art for our upcoming event on this Valentine’s Day – original music inspired by Mary Roach’s Bonk.

Designs by Travis Young and Michael Wallenfels.

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