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5 Fantastic Cookbooks You Should Know About

So you devoured A Homemade Life and loved the prose-filled stylings of Molly Wizenberg’s cookbook/memoir. Here are five other text-heavy cookbooks that you might enjoy. The Best New Recipe by Cooks Illustrated Magazine This text-heavy giant is a workhorse in the kitchen. If it was a player on your favorite NFL team, it would be […]

Make Delicious Banana Bread Tonight

Are you in need of an easy homemade dish to bring to a party or potluck? Do you want to try a uniquely delicious take on a classic quick bread? If so, then Molly Wizenberg has a perfect recipe for you. Her take on banana bread in A Homemade Life is well-written and easy to […]

Sue’s Little Free Library Update

I asked my awesome Mom, Sue Garvin, to write a little update on how things are going with her Little Free Library since she last wrote. You can read the initial post about it here. During the crisp fall weather, the park was busy with kids.  For Halloween this year, I made 80 tootsie roll […]

Concert of a Lifetime: New Kids on the Block Part II

Previously on the Bushwick blog, Kerry dazzled us with Part I of her V.I.P. New Kids on the Block concert experience. There she described the pre-concert activities including detailed descriptions of the hugging style of each New Kid. Now, in Part II, the show is about to start.   Two video screens came alive and […]

Concert of a Lifetime: New Kids on the Block Part I

My best friend Zandra and I have an uncommon addiction for most 35-year-old women. We are and have always been obsessed with boy bands. We listen to their music and talk about them frequently. We email pictures of our favorites back and forth. We spend copious amounts of cash going to their concerts and buying […]