GiveBig to Bushwick. Today is the day!

giveBig_side_v02Today is the day of The Seattle Foundation’s giveBig event. In case you don’t know by now, this is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations like The Bushwick Book Club Seattle. Every dollar donated will be partially matched by The Seattle Foundation’s sponsors.

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Why giveBig to The Bushwick Book Club Seattle?

We have worked with over 100 musicians in the past 3 years.

giveGigDebbieThe Bushwick Book Club Seattle creates a platform for musicians to write and perform original music from a source outside of themselves, a process which is both challenging and fun. But wait… that is not all!  Our book inspired events also provide the audience (that’s you guys!) the chance to experience the source material in a way that’s far different than just sitting in a coffee shop reading alone. We can all join together as one big book reading music listening community. How cool is that?! The answer – it is super cool!

We offer free studio recording time to our Bushwick musicians.

albumArtOne of Bushwick’s goals is to support our artists in as many ways as possible and this doesn’t stop at filling a room with people who would not normally hear these wonderful performers. By offering our artists free studio recording time we give them the opportunity to create professional recordings of their book inspired tunes. But of course, it is free to them only because Bushwick pays for the whole operation. This is something that we are more than happy to do, however, as you probably already know studio time is not cheap and your donations will help go towards fitting our giant sized recording bills.

You can hear all of these book inspired songs over on our bandcamp page.

The Bushwick Podcast

We want to create podcasts of our live events for everyone to enjoy. This will certainly take a lot of time, effort and Bushwick dollars. To record the performances themselves, edit my voice out of everything (for the love of God), and mix down all of those musicians is quite a bit of work… and it will be well worth it! Your donations will make it possible.

Kids Programs
We love working with kids teaching critical thinking and songwriting skills. Our educational workshops in schools are very important to us. We have created our new program  to help encourage and educate students (future Bushwick artists!) in Seattle area schools. If you think this program is a good idea give me an emphatic “HELLLLLL YEAHHHHHH!” and then go over to our donation page and drop us some major coinage.

We might do your book

I’m not gonna lie folks, we would love to write and perform music inspired by everyone’s favorite book but I’m telling you right now, that is pretty much an impossible feat. I know, I know… I’m sad about it too, however, I’ve got some good news for you. If you donate $3000 or more to Bushwick we can and will put on an event inspired by YOUR favorite book. How amazing would that be? Any book you want… just let that sink in to your noggin for a second. I know you want to. Let me make it easy for you,  click here to donate.



The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is more than just the best book club in town. It is also an amazing community of musicians, artists, book lovers, music lovers, actors, comedians, sound engineers, designers, chefs, writers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, baristas… all coming together to help make Seattle one of the best places to live. I am honored to have worked with and gotten to know so many amazing people over the past few years.

This Guy….

He’s working hard to make this a success… but not without the help of the over 150 artists, actors, volunteers, and incredible Bushwick fans. Thank you all for everything. Please donate if you can.  We have a good thing here, let’s keep it going.

GiveBIG_CallToActionBushwickBring it folks!

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